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Shahid Malik Member of Parliament for Dewsbury and Mirfield

Shahid backs expenses watchdog recommendations

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05 Nov 2009
Dewsbury and Mirfield MP Shahid Malik has reacted to the news that MPs are to be banned from claiming mortgage interest under the recommendations of Commons watchdog Sir Christopher Kelly, published on Wednesday.

The long-awaited report from the committee on standards in public life has also recommended that MPs are stopped from employing family members. Kelly has acknowledged that his wide-ranging proposals would mean "substantial change" for MPs and said that, where necessary, they ought to be phased in with a suitable period of transition.

The stringent new rules, which come in the wake of the expenses scandal, are likely to provoke objections from MPs, but party leaders have indicated their willingness to uphold them.

Shahid Malik:

“I believe that broadly speaking that Sir Christopher Kelly has got it right. The recommendations are fair and reasonable and the changes to be made are a price worth paying if they can restore confidence in our democracy.

“I’m sure all MPs will want to play their part in redeeming the prestige and credibility of Parliament by supporting Kelly’s recommendations fully.”

“I know that some MPs feel upset and disappointed but that pales into insignificance compared to the feeling amongst large swathes of the public in terms of how the system has operated in the past.”

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